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G. A. Chott & Associates, Inc. is a small remodeling company that was first established in July 1987 as a family owned business. Prior to that time, Gary Chott did remodeling on a sole proprietorship basis. By doing the work himself, learning at every opportunity and taking pride in the quality of the work he did, it increased the amount of jobs he was requested to do. The business grew to involve more work than he could handle alone.

In 1987, his Uncle Jean LePique (a retired Master Plumber who had owned a business of his own), approached Gary with the ides of incorporating. They would use Gary’s knowledge of remodeling and building, and Jean’s expertise in business. Jean became the President of the newly formed corporation. Gary became the Vice President, Gary’s wife (Sandy) became Secretary with the job of bookkeeping and accounting, and Jean’s wife (Lucille) became the treasurer with the job of imparting her extensive knowledge of bookkeeping to Sandy.

New employees were hired and received hands-on training while working side by side with Gary. In the early years, one of the most difficult obstacles faced by the company was finding workers who were dedicated, honest, and polite and had a true interest in learning quality remodeling. Unfortunately, many were hired, and many had to be let go.

In 2000 Darryll Hileman was hired as a lead carpenter and due to his commitment to the craft and quality work, by 2005 he became the project manager. He worked side by side with Gary managing the company and learning the “business end” of the company.

In 2010 Darryll became the President of the company and continued to work with Gary learning to bid the projects using an efficient method developed by Gary over the years.

In 2013, Gary Chott retired as owner of the company and Darryll assumed ownership and continues to run the company along with his wife Angie while maintaining the high quality, affordable, services honoring the legacy Gary created.

At this time, we have progressed to the point where G. A. Chott & Associates, Inc. is a professional remodeling company where the phrase “Excellence in Remodeling” has become a reality. We work together as a team for the benefit of the company as well as for our customers. Hard work has produced a reputation whereby our customers are assured of quality remodeling and repairs that are completed with attention to detail by polite and courteous professional people.

The company pays competitive wages and benefits. We invest time and money in training employees to make them as good as they can be. As you are aware, a quality minded labor force has become scarce, and competent labor demands a higher salary. In the past, new customers have asked our employees to work outside of the company. We wish to state here in this introductory note that none of us will do this type of work. We all prefer to work together within the company, which is in accordance with company policy.

All of us at G. A. Chott & Associates, Inc. share this philosophy and want our new customers to know that we all take pride in our work. We are working with the company as a team since it provides all of us with our livelihood.

You will find that our prices are competitive for the quality work that we do. Our jobs are done per signed contract or on a “Time and Material” basis. (done only when necessary or when requested by customer). “Time and Material” labor charge is $75 per man-hour for carpentry, and $85 per man-hour for plumbing and electrical. When materials are picked up for a “Time and Material” job, the cost of labor remains the same with mileage charges being added on. If any changes are requested that alter the original contract, the customer must call the Job Supervisor to have these changes put into effect. Our employees will refer any questions you have about work being performed to the Job Supervisor.

When contracts are signed, you will receive a “Right of Recession”, which by law permits you to cancel the contract within three (3) days should you change your mind. We will provide a lien waiver for total labor and materials for all jobs, after final contract payment is received.

The employees of the company are fully insured by Workers’ Compensation and General Liability for the protection of our customers and us.

G. A. Chott & Associates, Inc. is licensed in St. Louis County, St. Louis City, Jefferson County and other municipalities as required by law. We also obtain construction permits when required.

We look forward to having you as one of our customers.

G. A. Chott & Associates, Inc.

Darryll A. Hileman


G.A. Chott & Associates Inc.  

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